Saturday, October 10, 2009

Free Internet Traffic

I am totally perplexed by the majority of retailers who think that simply putting up a website will lead to sales.

Hasn't anybody told them that their site is INVISIBLE unless they are ranked by the search engines?

Don't they know that unless they are on the first 2 or 3 pages when someone does a search - That their site is basically useless?

Haven't they figured out that their competition is moving forward not simply because of a better product - but because they have a better position in the marketplace? Remember the old phrase - "location - location - location."

Are they not aware that today's "Marketplace" also includes the INTERNET?

I could go on and on about how many retail businesses could dominate the internet for their respective keyword phrases simply by doing some SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.

How do I know this? Simple. After researching thousands of local sites I have discovered that many of them are on the first page of Google by default!!

What this means, is that those "on the first page of Google" web sites are only slightly better optimized than their competition. And I do mean SLIGHTLY.

Maybe the answer lies in the fact that the term "search engine optimization" is foreign to most people, meaning they are not aware that a process exists whereby you can legally and logically manipulate the design and content of your site in order to gain a higher placement in the search engine results pages!

Heck...this process is even blessed and recommended by Google. In fact, it is said that there is not enough local content on the internet. This means that local businesses are designing sites that either are not being found by Google spiders, or do not contain enough relevant content to make their site worthy of showing up in search results.
You may have noticed that local Google Maps is now featuring 10 results instead of 3? If you're not seeing 10, it's because there is not enough content!

So for those of you who want to dominate the local search results pages and have a steady stream of anxious shoppers visiting your online business daily, 24-7, GET YOUR SITE OPTIMIZED! Believe me, your No. 1 position is ripe for the picking.

For those of you with tight Ad budgets, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? I said FREE INTERNET TRAFFIC! Move some of today's less effective Print Ad budgets, optimize, and drive traffic from your website to your brick and mortar business - or finally get some online business from your online order system!

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