Saturday, October 10, 2009

Do I Really Need 2 Websites?

Well - well. As if managing one website wasn't enough, now cellphones have created such user urgency, that internet information MUST be available 24-7.

Today, (according to Wikipedia) there are more mobile web users than PC based internet users.

Does this mean you should rush to redo your website to be visible on cellphones and PDAs?

The simple answer is Yes and No.

Here are the problems:
-Small screen size - difficult viewing graphics
-Lack of windows - only one page can be displayed at a time
- Navigation - limited navigation.
- Lack of Javascript and cookies - not suitable for identifying visitors and stat analysis
- Limited access - Secured connections, Flash, PDFs, or video sites, not accessible.
- Speed - Service is very slow
- Broken pages - On many devices, a single page is broken into segments and treated as a separate page.
- Compressed pages - Many pages, in their conversion to mobile format, are squeezed into an different order.
- Size of messages - Limits on the number of characters that can be sent in an email message.
- Cost - User access and bandwidth charges are higher than fixed-line internet.

These problems alone suggest that waiting to create a .MOBI account (also known as dotMobi - a top-level domain), are in order.
However, be aware that technology is moving so quickly, that many of these issues will be solved by the time you finish reading this. :)

I strongly urge that website owners at the very least, register their respective business names before someone else does. I recommend Moniker (great pricing!).
This way, you'll be ready to reach the mobile masses when the time is right.

For many, the time is right - right now! If your business falls into the category of entertainment - don't wait! Restaurants, Movie Theatres, Sporting get the idea. What mobile users are looking for IMMEDIATELY, are telephone numbers, best prices, menus, weather info etc. usually to make on location decisions: Where do we eat?
What's playing?
Who's got the best price?
Let's book tickets!

For those making the move to create a .MOBI website, remember that nowhere else is the KISS principle so important (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Short and to the point is the order of the day.

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