Saturday, August 04, 2007

Make Millions Working In Your Wife's Underwear

There's no end to, or lack of shame in the kind of persuasive headlines that online marketing pros will use to solicit your attention in the hope of making a sale.

Whether you can or cannot make an online living while working in your wife's underwear is not really what this article about. Though I will say that the marketing techniques you use, will play a large part in whether making money online is a possibility.

But if you were to write an article or Ad that was related to starting an online Internet business, this headline would work quite well. After all, you're reading this - aren't you?

You're reading because of one marketing technique that has been around since man was able to scratch words on a tablet.

Creating a powerful headline.

The headline is the default technique for attracting the eyes of prospective customers or the impulsive shopper.

Today, more than ever, the headline is king. As the information age continues to accelerate via the Internet, millions of search queries bring potential customers to massive listings of information and ads that correspond to keyword input.

The competition is fierce and it is the headline that determines the viewer’s next decisive click!

How can you channel the clicking frenzy in your favor? Several ways...

First, don't assume that humor is the key ingredient as was used in this article. As a matter of fact, it can backfire against you if your headline is not pertinent to the content.

When advertising online using PPC (pay per click) advertising such as Google Adwords, you are most often better to match the headline with the keyword search term that has been used. For example: Someone looking for "debt consolidation loans" will be drawn to an Ad headline with a similar or exact headline. Something like "Debt Consolidation Quote" would be an excellent choice. You can then mention, "Free quotes..." within the body text.

Using a humorous headline similar to the one for this article is something I would use in an email campaign, an ezine article, a blog post, a forum post or banner Ad on targeted sites.

The key is, to understand the subject matter, the advertising medium and your target market before you decide on a straight up approach or to add a "shock quotient" to make your reader do a double take.

In some cases, it might even be prudent to sensationalize if there are many competing advertisers. The tabloids do it all the time ie:

Still not sure which headline to use? In my next article I'll discuss a foolproof way to select the best headline to go with before you spend thousands on an advertising campaign.

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