Sunday, April 16, 2006

How To Make An Advertising Decision

It never fails.
The ad agency spends countless man-hours sweating over the fine details.
Things that no one would ever notice are discussed, dissected, double-checked and then dutifully discarded for a "better" idea.

Graphics are viewed upside-down and sideways. Letters are kerned in pixel widths. Font catalogues brimming with thousands of choices are scrutinized until the perfect one is found or the artist lapses into a coma.

Finally, the deadline is met.
The pitch is made...

The client asks the delivery man from the restaurant for his opinion.

It's a painful situation to be in.
But the client pays the bills and if he can't make up his miind, he'll damn well find someone to make it up for him!

Now, some of the bigger players can afford "focus groups" to determine if they've got the right goods. But what do you do if you're strapped for bucks?

Believe it or not...
you ask the delivery man from the restaurant.
Ask the janitor...your dentist...the grocer...the guy who fixes your photo copier.

Most agencies hate the idea of being scrutinized by the mailman, but the fact is, his opinion is as good as it gets.

Tally up all the answers and ask yourself - Is it a "deal or no deal?"

There's your decision.

The more astute clients, won't waste a second. They know immediately if it's hot or not.

How do they do it? They trust that first impression.

What they see or hear immediately appeals to them or makes their eyebrows disappear in the furrows of their brow.

So, how do you make a good advertising decision?

1. Trust the ad agency you've hired. They do this for a living.
2. Listen to that little voice inside that you always say you should have listened to.
3. Be different. Lead instead of follow.
4. Ask your delivery man. There's nothing in it for him.

Or, call us...we do windows.

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