Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Launching A New Jingle Ad Campaign

So you've just bought the hottest jingle from the coolest production house and you're ready to start advertising. Congratulations! But why did you buy that jingle in the first place?

Too often, retail advertisers buy jingles for all the wrong reasons. The number one wrong reason is - client ego.

Sure, it's a thrill to hear your name on the radio or tv, but there are more important reasons for creating a jingle.

A key reason to create a jingle is if you are launching a new business, product or service. As the new kid on the block you'll need to break through the advertising jungle with something that will catch a person's attention. A properly written jingle can do this faster than any other form of advertising and amazingly continue to "jingle" your name in someone's head long after you've finished your campaign.

Yes, it's all about getting your name front and centre. If people are humming your name, consider your ad campaign a success. Now does that translate to sales? Not necessarily in the short term - but in the long-term, it could be a bonanza!

What the jingle actually does, is draw attention to your business and the listener to the announcer message. And it is the announcer sell message that will ultimately drive buyers and consumer dollars to your business. This brings us to a very important aspect of creating a jingle campaign. Timing.

There are alot of advertisers who have complete 30 second jingles created and start their campaigns off immediately with the announcer trying to sell something. WRONG.


It is no different than creating a hit song. If you don't play the song often enough, it will never reach the top of the charts. A top of the chart song sells because people have learned the essential musical elements and are enjoying humming, singing or moving to it.

My recommendation is to run a full 30 second jingle for at least 2-3 weeks in order to build up sound & name recognition and get the public ear "tuned" to image of your business. I say image, because that is exactly what you are doing - Image building - (hopefully you will have a jingle with a musical style that defines your business).

It is only after the preliminary jingle campaign that you can start eliminating some of the sung lines of your jingle and replace them with sell lines using the appropriate announcer. Make sure that, whoever produced your jingle creates at least 2 other versions with "donuts".

Donuts are holes in the jingle where the vocal parts are removed leaving a musical "bed" for the announcer to speak over.

Eventually, you will end up using the jingle mostly for announcer voice-overs with a 5-10 second tag that is sung at the end.

So, your budget is limited? Well, you should still run the full 30 second vocal jingle for a minimum 1 week campaign. This will wake up radio audiences because it is a new sound and it doesn't take much to catch a person's ear.

We've mentioned that one of the best reasons to produce a jingle is if you are starting something new. But what about seasoned advertisers? Should they use jingles?

If budget allows...Absolutely. Remember - a jingle is a signal that there's something new and fresh happening. If you have added a brand new division or service to your business, a jingle is a great way to get that message out.

Another reason to use jingles is to break away from the monotony of a typical 30 second spot.

If you've been running the same old message for too long, people tune you out. And they can do it without even switching stations!

Remember, the bottom line is - strong creative!

Well created messages are more impactful and require less frequency to let people hear what you want them to know. Strong creative, is definitely money well spent.

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